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When someone has a pineapple haircut, the front part of their hir that hangs down. People with these are gay.
David: why the fuck do you have a pine

Alex: cause I'm gay

David: well I'm gonna shave that fucking thing off pine pine
by theawesomeone13 April 16, 2010
A type of wood that is relatively soft.
Yeah, I liked her, but we're not talking mahogany here. The most she would get out of it would be pine.
by iluvkamakazi April 24, 2009
Sitting on the sideline (bench) during a sporting event, but a member of the team.
What's up? Coach got you ridin' the pine?
by Kyle January 07, 2004
To be so soundly defeated in such devestating fashion you can no longer function as a human being.
Ray's got Pined by Lou in Poker so badly that by the end of the year he was homeless and sucking dick for crack.
by Luis Fonovic October 25, 2006