A local way of referring to the Pine Barrens, large wooded area in the state of New Jersey consisting almost entirely of pines
Joe got lost hunting in the pines today
by Jackle_of_Jersey April 19, 2009
1. a large units of marijuana, usually in reference to a large distribution of them.
He's hustling money moving pines.
by RedEye July 28, 2005
Verb--To pine someone is to kill them with a pine cone, either by continually bashing them in the face with said pine cone or launching it at them at a high velocity.
The hostess at the restaurant said there was an hour long wait and no room to stand inside, so I picked up a pine cone and pined the bitch.
by thetriple January 05, 2010
vagina, slang term for, pine to be split
Mmm can you smell all the fresh pine in the air?
by the urban lumberjack February 17, 2011
The piece of cotton or similar material used to filter drugs, such as liquified heroin, into a syringe. Comes from the word q-tip sounding like toothpick and "pine" being a slang for toothpick.
This dope looks mad dirty, hand me a pine to filter it for my rig.
by Jake Dawkins October 27, 2009
1.Very good weed, smells like pine cones.

2.To be used in the place of really good weed.
"Hey Dawg, Call up Jerome, I herd he got that Pine!"
by The Theoretically Correct May 20, 2009
A word you use as code to confuse your brother and sister after one has had a long day and the other a tonsilectomy. You don't have to worry about your mom because you were speaking too fast for her to understand.
nah I don't really wanna pine tonight
by Bigdaddymcgangster58 June 02, 2010

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