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A Godlike Sickness giving you the ability to (refer to these) Pimp Slap, Smack a hoe, Bounce, and eat the yum yum. Symptoms of pimpinitus are listed below:
Disco Fever

Slappin Yo bitches, and making your Ho Count more than five alows you catch pimpinitis, you may not pass it off and it is given to the lucky Few
Wow dude look, hitlers pimpinitis
by lightblack101 December 31, 2009
A form of arthritis developed by over use of one's "pimpin hand", often causing sharp pain in the wrist, joints, and carpals. This condition can be treated, but most cases demand the afflicted to stop "slapping bitches".
J-Smooth had to stop trolling the block until the weather gets warmer because his pimpinitis was acting up.
by DownHalo February 09, 2010
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