The complement Urban Dictionary gives you upon having made 400 editing descisions.
"You've made 400 decisions so far. Pimpin."
by SW111 September 30, 2012
Term used when walking a Miniature pinscher(min pin) for the sole purpose of picking up ladies. Let's face it, this dog gets the ladies wet. Fellas get yours now!
Mom: how did you meet your new girlfriend?

son: i was trollin the Pim Pin.
by King Of Da Blumpkins9 March 05, 2010
1) To work it with a member of the opposite sex
2) A compliment used when someone is wearing platinum chains, Fubu™ clothes, etc.
3) An object of high appeal

also see pimpette
1) Ricky is pimpin wit dem hoes
2) Damn dawg, your pimpin it with that chain
3) That Jaguar is pimpin
by N00bie June 10, 2004
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