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You know you are NOT pimpin if:
- You got 2 sweat patches up under yo arms and look like youve been swimmin in shoulder height water

- if you smell like you been at work all day

- if you see have ash around the knuckles, like you washed half of your hands and lotion three quarters of yo body

- if you're spinnin rims spin counter clockwise

- if you are dancin on the dancefloor and you look to your left and your right and there is not a woman in sight

- if your vodka and cranberry is really really dark,
like blood, that's because you didn't order vodka buddy
that's why it's $3 a glass

- you are a nigga with white socks

- if your shoes have a buckle on them
You are most likely not pimpin
by Young Reezie January 23, 2008
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