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means "never ending supply"
or so many that it last for many days..
i got beats for days
by randy [blur] robbins March 06, 2005
small compact and light weight portable digital audio media player that people can download illegal MP3 songs and put them on it
you seen that new i-pod?
by randy [blur] robbins June 24, 2005
when your only relations with a female is to have sex or give her your erectile penis and a piece of chewing gum
i dont love these hoes all they get is Hard Dick And Bubblegum
by Randy [Blur] Robbins March 31, 2006
slang of Grinding

1. to dance, or dry-hump, rather agains a fine bitch in tha club; an erotic rotation of the pelvis

2. crush, pulverize, or reduce to powder by friction, especially by rubbing between two hard surfaces

3. To, be, stunt(ting) ice, bling, or jewrely

4. to wear down, polish, or sharpen

5. a Skating trick, to grind on a rail

6. a tight ass song "Grindin" by Clipes and Pharrell Williams from NERD :)
1. grinding (dry-hump-dance)

2. grind wheat into flour.

3. grinding (studnting) or flaunting, showing off ones possesions

4. to grind the teeth

5. grind that rail

6. "I'm just grindin' man, ya'll neva mind me"
by Randy [Blur] Robbins May 23, 2003
see Lloyd Banks

Christopher Lloyd (Banks)

(most tallented) G-unit Member of
Sick punchlines
Ill flow

Little hard to understand
but still.. ill
Yo, you herd that new Lloyd Bank$ solo album.. Son Killin it. He a mah fuckin pro'lem. word.
by randy [blur] robbins June 27, 2004
Sarcasm meaning, sure, whatever.. uh huh, yeah... right.
by Randy [Blur] Robbins May 23, 2003
1. A made up word to scare parrents

2. A party/orgy where all girls wear different colored lipstick and suck all the guys penises -- leaving a rainbow effect on it

3. A party/orgy with a lot of people from all different races, African, Calcation Puerto Rican, Asain..
4. A homosexual party/orgy
2. "N---a I'm ballin'; My dick been through every color lip gloss" - Lloyd Bank
3. Hey I think I cought jungle fever from a chick at that Rainbow Party last night
4. Silly Billy called all his friends to come to the Rainbow Party
by randy [blur] robbins March 23, 2005

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