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1. Getting drunk on Pimm's No. 1 Cup.

2. Refusing to drink Pimm's at Henley Royal Regatta, and getting slapped for this affront.
1. Lady Astor: "Lord Churchill, you're Pimm's-slapped!"
Churchill: "Madam, I may be Pimm's-slapped, but - BLRRHUHH!"

2. "I say, old thing, did you witness that commotion this afternoon in the Steward's Enclosure when the Yank turned down the Pimm's? The silly chap got himself Pimm's-slapped something frightful!"
by time-it July 04, 2010
A fine-looking ass belonging to a white girl.
Damn, that white girl's got a blanc-edonk!
by time-it January 21, 2010
The first piss of the day.
I always begin my day by going to the toilet and spending the morning gold.
by time-it August 21, 2010
The happiness that a person feels when, having eaten half of a terrific sandwich, they then remember that they have a whole other half to eat (a fact that they had forgotten in the bliss of that first half).
Midway through lunch today I experienced some profound halfiness when I looked down and beheld the second part of my reuben untouched.
by time-it March 03, 2014

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