any man who is as thin as a stick, wears a top-hat, and has a cane
Wow! That man was quite the pill gates!
by Pill Gates August 12, 2004
Top Definition
An abuser of pills (chiefly pain killers like Oxycodone) who is in high supply and generous with it. He will give them out to anyone willing to hang around and talk while he's buzzed.
R: Da fuck dude where you got like 8 roxies from? I know you broke!

J: Saw Pill Gates and Pillinda Gates after they filled their scripts and they just poured em in my hand while we watched TV.

R: Damn dude, hook it up I got a medical issue of not being high right this very second.

J: Fine, but don't turn into a Pill Cosby on me.
by m00nmaster June 18, 2013
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