Acronym. In verb form, to sodomize somebody.
Still, she's got a nice ass. I'd PIIDB anytime.
Top Definition
Stickin ur man tool in the pooper of another woman or man.
I girl let me PiiDB last night.
by Teh RX-7 Club Knows About You January 13, 2005
1. an acronym for "put it in da butt".
2. "catch all" solution for problems, usually in regards to a relationship, and expressed over the internet, particularly in forums and chatrooms.
3. expressing interest in engaging in deviant sexual practices. a more extreme variant of hit.
1. "My girlfriend will let me PIIDB, but my wife won't."
2. Q: "My girlfriend thinks we should see other people. What should I do?" A: "PIIDB"
3. "She's hot! I'd definately PIIDB!"
by Dan Webster January 15, 2005
To insert in the anal cavity of a woman.
That chick is smokin.' I'd PIIDB.
by MosesX605 January 13, 2005
Destruction of the anal passage by part of the male human anatomy.
"She asked me to PIIDB tonight!"
by Munchy January 13, 2005
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