- A Serb (Cigan as they call themselves), pertaining to Serbia, its inhabitants, or their language
- A native or inhabitant of Serbia
- The Slavic language spoken in Serbia and adjacent areas
- A person whose background is Serbian or somewhat Serbian
A Pigeon is Somebody who is a pussy so they take it out of a girl, they build walls around their home for the woman in their home country, like borat, (no joke).

Pigeons infest places and reproduce like rats before selling their daughters for a case of beer.

Pigeons will only fight in large numbers against a single person or couple.
by DamirIlich May 26, 2009
An adjective meaning wild and crazy in a good way, but on the verge of being overwhelming. Pigeons describes something that is carefully balancing between being amazing and being too much to handle.
Whoa! My surprise birthday party was pigeons, man.
by dijon222 May 20, 2012
A pigeon is a girl who be walking by...
My rimmed up blue red loose Spark wit five
Her feet hurt so you know she wanna ride
But she frontin like she cant say hi
I dont want no pigeons, dem be da girls who get no dubs from me, playing the bar dumb broke with her best friends coat trying to holla at me
by ~~$$M-DiZzLe$$~~ January 02, 2004
Pigeons are a vermin in many areas, they carry disease inhabit an area they should not. When they begin to breed they can easily over populate an area and claiming it as there own. They often get the name of "rats with wings".The Serbian people are a proud pigeon nation going as far as breeding as a pigeon and spreading disease like one. So killing a pigeon is not considered as genocide it is simply pest control.
LITTLE BUSH: wow mum whats that bird.....MUM: do not touch that its a dirty pigeon .....LITTLE BUSH: when I become older i will be a president and help pigeons populate the world.....MUM: son do not do that
by DamirIlich May 26, 2009
A highly intelligent bird. There are many amazing breeds, ranging from the colours bright blue to even brighter pink, and in sizes from a turkey to a sparrow. The common Domestic Pigeon, found on the streets, was first brought to Canada/US by European settlers for food. The have the capability of outflying a hawk, and can fly over oceans. Pigeon war heroes, such as Cher Ami and G.I. Joe, have saved countless lives. These birds are actually very cleanly, always grooming, and even cleaning their poop out of nests. They are able to do math. Pigeons have extremely strong family bonds, stick by their young no matter what, and mourn when their mates die. Pigeons show empathy, and comfort widows or widowers.
I found the matriarch of the flock dead! That explains the patriarchs absence! Must be mourning...poor pigeon!
by PigeonsFTW! December 27, 2011
A person who is dating your ex that is collecting the crumbs,scraps and leftovers you left behind. Most likely a downgrade who is taking your sloppy seconds.
Guy 1: Dude, you see that pigeon picking those bread crumbs over there?

Guy 2: You mean my ex and her downgrade?
by swagger_status January 04, 2011
One who is easily fooled.
Eddie: "I've been selling 10's as 20's all day man, all day!"

Wallace: "Where at bro, to who!?"

Eddie: "Just some pigeon down by the barber shop."
by TedStroke June 11, 2013

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