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Pierre: It means molo in hungarian. He is the most stupid person from Sweden. With all those fuked up zits on his shitty face. + very pathetic. He gets irrection when he sees a swedish girl in our school right away. He goes home, starts his daily 15 times masturbation, and when he has an orgasm instead of sperm, a piese of dry shit comes, because his asshole and penis grew in the same place.
your sperm is so dry like Pierre's! Your such a fumbfucker just like Pierre!
by Xiang Li February 05, 2008
16 79
A common name given to male children from Creole or French backgrounds.

An attractive man with a strong but quiet personnality; chizzeled features and gentlemen-like qualities.

A very thoughtful guy who would be an ideal boyfriend. He can read others like a book and everyone looks to him for advice. He is dependable and looks out for those who are good friends to him. However, they think too much and don't act enough. Pierres are the "go to guys" that anyone would be lucky to find as a friend or lover!
You're so lucky to have a Pierre
by Veritum February 11, 2010
352 101
Said when referring to Smirnoff vodka, because the founders name is Pierre Smirnoff, which is odd because one would think it would be a Russian name like Boris or Vladimir.
Pass me the Pierre, I want to get wasted.
by Yatin S November 02, 2007
205 105
A rock. A great friend. A great mind. All together
Pierre Barroca
by TONDAS May 26, 2011
62 14
An important african american entertainment icon. He commonly wear a gold sparkling jump suit like that of a genie. His appearances include the Channel 5 Party Dance Off, Children's Song hour, and Meditation with Pierre, just to name a few. He is particularly interested in dads, and is well known for soliciting from children their fathers' email addresses. As he put it in one of his after school specials, "Now think about your dad. I wanna meet that dad. You're gonna give me your dad's email address."
He is also noted for random vocal outbursts of enthusiasm such as "Ha Ha!"

Other notable appearances/performances:

"Doo Dah Doo Doo" (original song)
Hot Dog Float (parade appearance)
Muscles For Bones (charity appearance for Richard Dunn)
Pierre: "I would like to send your pep pep some internet links."

by SexyGravy February 26, 2009
117 69
A common name given to male children from Creole or French backgrounds.

An attractive man with a strong accent; chizzeled features and gentlemen-like qualities.
So what, is Pierre like a family name or something?

No, it's just a very popular name in my country.
by chosengen2010 February 09, 2010
56 39
The Capitol of South Dakota, pronounced "peer"
Lets go to pierre and see the capitol
by ginger1313 March 01, 2010
46 33
Something that is pointless, or a reply to someone when they have said something pointless or random.

A person can also be called a "Pierre" when they are the kind of people who say something which is followed by one of those difficult pauses, where someone sort of says "Er, yeah, right" and moves onto another subject.
Person 1: "Did you see that bird I was with the other night?"

Gav: "I've got a Fiesta van."

Person 1: "Pierre."


Person 1: "Do you want to go out for last orders?"

Person 2: "That's a Pierre"


Fulch: "Yeah, I was under 16s motorcross champion!"

Everyone: "Pierre!"


Munson: "It's like teaching Spanish to a monkey."

Chris Moyles: "Pierre."
by Pierre Van Hooijdonk September 24, 2008
31 48