When two men make love and sploosh all over their butt holes. They clean it off each other with pickles and then make sandwiches with it and feed them to each other with their feet.
My boyfriend and I made a mess pickling last night.
by sammonman July 15, 2012
Drinking a lot, until the drinker gets very drunk and feels almost like a pickle
I don't know about you, but I am going pickling tonight. Should be a fun time, want to drive?
by Mara Jade January 02, 2011
1. the act of fighting; in or near a pickleball court.
2. getting into a heated discussion with your pickleball opponent over a bad call.
" there should be some pickling going on today at the match"
by nicolejillbeers June 02, 2009
verb. when someone has dry humped with someone else and is too embarrassed to say dry fuck or dry hump, so in telling another friend what they did they call it pickling.
Oh my god cathy last night john was pickling me so hard i wanted to tear my clothes off but we were in my little sisters room watching a movie with her.
by monica September 23, 2004

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