Drinking a lot, until the drinker gets very drunk and feels almost like a pickle
I don't know about you, but I am going pickling tonight. Should be a fun time, want to drive?
by Mara Jade January 02, 2011
Top Definition
Checking out anothers body, preferably chest, crouch and butt regions. Usually done at a quick glance then round two for a second look.

You can be pickled, do some pickling, or yell out "pickles" so your friends know whats happening secretly.
1.) Yo Nick that girl was just pickling the shit out of you!

2.) Hey Kirby like six guys just pickled your ass!

Guy- "Pickles"
Girl- Was it that creepy guy with the cowboy hat?
Guy- Yeah, don't make eye contact.
by soranwrap December 05, 2010
The act of vomiting up a semi-digested pickle as a result of the excessive consumption of alcohol in any form.
Wow, this night is going to be crazy, Adam is already pickling Maddie and it's only 1!
by Pickle King May 14, 2011
When a person - often times a woman - has sex with a cucumber, thus pickling it.
I was browsing the Hub last night and this Indian girl was pickling herself for like 10 minutes straight!
by Queu December 04, 2014
When a man soaks his penis inside of a woman's acidic vagina for several hours until his erection dies down and the pH of the woman causes the man's penis to smell and taste vinegary.
Example 1: "I had my fat fucking cock inside of Suzie for at least 5 hours trying to break a soaking record, but when I pulled out shit was str8 pickle."

Example 2: "I think the DNA in my weiner is now more similar to a pickle than a banana after a phat fucking pickling session I had yesterday with Monique."
by YellowRetriever July 29, 2011
The practice of inserting a pickle in ones assorted orafices in order to cure venereal disease.
Bob: Hey Joe, your being a douche, what's up your ass?

joe: Sorry Bob, don't mind me. I'm pickling. That hooker gave me the clap.
by Werd smif December 12, 2014
when a man's cock becomes soft, limp and wrinkly while inside their partner during sex
damn! we had sex for hours last night I ended up pickling my junk!
by godofthebed May 12, 2016
to fight or the act of fighting in or near a pickball court
to start a fight whom you are playing pickball with, pickling
by nicolejillbeers June 02, 2009
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