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An earlybird who hunt swap meets, estate sales, thrift stores, etc and scoops up the good deals - often for resale in antique shops or on ebay.
'Ole Craig has been a picker for eighteen years and he's still looking for a ten-dollar original Van Gogh!
by Doc July 29, 2004
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Derogatory term for a seasonal immigrant laborer (that may or may not be legal) that harvests fruit and vegetables.
redneck1: It's harvest time again, you know want that means...
redneck2: The pickers will takeover the walmart again.
by michigan sux April 20, 2011
A biological aspect deep within ones brain that helps decide weather a person is suitable or not to be in a relationship with you.
Branners has had some bad luck with men... Her mom says her "picker" is broken. :)
by 108billy February 19, 2009
An illegal immigrant, usually a Mexican. Derived from a popular job for these immigrants, picking the fields of Southern California.
"You stupid picker!"
by J Dudley December 22, 2003
To decide something despite not wanting to pick.
Sarah doesn't like to picker. Patrick always pickers.
by Teddybear & Penguin August 08, 2008
to engage in a friendly banter between a penis and a pussie; to bicker with strong sexual overtones
The two were constantly pickering until a sexual deal was negotiated.
by JimmyJoeJet April 04, 2008
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