Top Definition
A Really, Really Thick Girl, With All The Right Curves.
by Termonalogist July 12, 2012
PHOT: Someone SO HOT, it needs a "PH" to fully describe it.

Derived from "Phat, like with a PH".
Andy: "She's like totally HOT with a PH"
Suzie: "So, she's like PHOT?"
Andy: "Yeah man, she's PHOT like Rhianna"
by stirfriedemu April 11, 2011
Synonymous with attractive or hot, yet used to indicate that though someone is attractive, you have no interest in them.

Also synonymous with "no homo." Great-looking, but I'm not interested.
Damn, man. Your girl is looking really phot today!

Oh, thanks man. Your's too.
by Mr. Photness April 09, 2013

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