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PHOT: Someone SO HOT, it needs a "PH" to fully describe it.

Derived from "Phat, like with a PH".
Andy: "She's like totally HOT with a PH"
Suzie: "So, she's like PHOT?"
Andy: "Yeah man, she's PHOT like Rhianna"
by stirfriedemu April 11, 2011
What you say when you have no idea, but are looking for entertainment
JP: "Yeah, the ground looks good, you won't get bogged. Trust me."
by stirfriedemu July 17, 2011
PHAF: when you can't decide if someone is PHAT, or FAT. So, it has BOTH the "PH" and the "F" in the one word.
Man, that chick if fat, and yet still phat.
She's fully phaf man.
by stirfriedemu April 11, 2011
Waiting until all the cool people are at the party, then calling everyone else and saying it's cancelled so they don't turn up and ruin it.
Short for: "Party Cancelled".
Andrew: "Maria, who else is still coming to this party?"
Maria: "All the guys from work"
Andrew: "Screw them... this party is now Pancelledl!"
by stirfriedemu August 02, 2011

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