Phillip Michael Lester is a British youtuber from Rossendale, England. His birthday is January 30th, 1987. On his youtube channel (AmazingPhil) his videos generally contain vlogs or funny sketches about daily life, competitions and are often collaberations with his flatmate and fellow youtuber Dan Howell. The pair also present a BBC Radio 1 show. Many of Phil's fans (Philions/Phillions) ship the two in an unfortunately fake relationship called 'Phan' most likely due to their adorable-y cute friendship. On the 6th of July 2013 he reached 1 million youtube subscribers, which is still constantly growing.
(Conversation starter) "So, I heard you ship Phan?" *creepy smile*

"Do you think Phil Lester will ever wear matching socks?"
by Wolfie14 October 22, 2013

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