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An 80s/90s pop artist, vocalist, drummer, and lead singer for the progressive/arena rock band Genesis. He is British, has a great voice, and has been featured in movie soundtracks and has many successful best-selling albums. And NO, the people who by them aren't faggots and retards!
Phil Collins is a great music artist. There is nothing wrong with him at all.
by Ryan December 11, 2004
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A British musician, singer and songwriter. Although Phil produced some cheesy pop songs in his career, as well as satires in South Park and American Psycho having turned him into a punchline / easy target of sorts today, that should never eclipse the fact that he's a solid vocalist and, most importantly, one of the most talented drummers in rock history.
Kinda funny that Phil Collins' incredibly inventive, complex drumming with Genesis is often overlooked because of the drum fill of "In the Air Tonight"
by EonBlue987 September 11, 2012
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When a person has to vomit and poop at the same time.
"I felt so bad, I Phil Collins'd all over the place!"
by Krick Crammin January 07, 2007
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God-sent material to embarassing parents.
Haha, son, me and your father got so drunk at a Phil Collins concert... Dad got arrested and I woke up in the back of a van pregnant with you. Ahh...you better not be smoking pot.
21 39
when one of your friends puts on music in his car that he already knows you hate
cmon bob you know i think country is faggy so dont phil collins me here
by bill hinrichsen April 30, 2005
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A small, angry, British performer who merely acts out songs developed in a studio by a group of producers. Occasionally, Collins will pay his agents to spread news about charity donations and civic contributions...none of which were dealt with willingly or directly by Collins. The only motive for which is the ensurance of continuation of record sales and passable public image to dilute the reality of his unabashedly self-centered, ill-willed, simply perverse ways, not to mention his utter lack of musical ability.
Do you listen to Phil Collins?
Who? Bill Collings?
No, Phil Collins!
Oh him. No way, he sucks. My sister went to one of his concerts once and got violently molested by a drunkard who got turned on when Phil started playing pocket pool and groping himself on stage. Hes a real degenerate.
by sacko October 03, 2007
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Phil Collins is a gay faggot and sings like crap!
Especially the Disney songs like tarzan!!!
Kayla: What the hell is this crap!?!?
Matt: Its Phil Collins! Hes hot as don't bag him!
Kayla: Ok this is shit im going to kill you now!!
Matt: Oh no im dead!
by Phil Collins Hater December 01, 2006
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A highly irritating 'musician' Once with the hooror of Genesis and later all manner of hell in a solo career.

Fortunately moved out of Britain due to his beloved Conservative party being knocked out of power. His hair continued to fall out and he got dumped by his wife.

The world is a better place without him making music.

His attempts at actin were poor also. See the film 'Buster' and his shockingly appalling effort in Miami vice. This man is evil. Avoid him.
Hey, would you like to listen to 'No jacket required' by Phil collins?

No, I'd rather visit the dentist and have them give me root canal whilst performing a blumpkin.
by mr_Rodan October 29, 2006
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