Taken from swimmer Michael Phelps' record eight Olympic golds in the 2008 Summer Olympics. Characterized by exceptional achievement, consistent excellence or unprecedented dominance.
Mary's ten consecutive wins are nothing short of Phelpsian.

If Tom were to win tonight, it would be his eighth time - a Phelpsian feat.
by esprit15d August 23, 2008
Top Definition
An adjective describing total and utter dominance in a certain area. Derived from Michael Phelps' dominance in the 2008 Summer Olympics in which he set a record for winning 8 gold medals.
Wow. John can only be descibed as Phelpsian. He beats everyone at everything!
by John Serafino August 17, 2008
To perform at epic levels
Michael Phelps had a Phelpsian performance in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.
by Michael Phelps, Jr. August 25, 2008
adj. the ability to dominate a competition.

Derived from the monumental performances of Michael Phelps, United States swimmer, at the 2008 Beijing Olypic Games for winning eight gold medals, and his 2007 World Championship performance for winning seven gold medals in Melbourne, Australia.
Chaz's performance in the mathlympics was phelpsian.
by KirSmack August 17, 2008

1. Having the characteristics of Michael Phelps

2. Used to describe something that is mind-blowing, unbelievable, record-breaking (mainly this one), incredible, etc. especially a feat.
1. If you can break world-records in everything you compete in, you're Phelpsian

2. On Guitar Hero, clearing Through the Fire and Flames 100% on Expert is a Phelpsian feat.
by I-Yes August 18, 2008
An athletic achievement of epic proportions encompassing speed, endurance, and strength in which one can completely redefine the term of perfection.
Michael Fred Phelps is the only person ever in history to achieve Phelpsian status.
by Pat the og123 August 16, 2008
Feats of athletic skill that are beyond all reason or comprehension. To be unquestionable best in a particular athletic sport.
Ok, five gold medals is impressive, but it aint Phelpsian.
by Vorlauf August 16, 2008
(Referring to Michael Phelps' Olympic Gold-Medal record); Winning or succeeding at a highly skilled competition despite the odds; Exceptional athletic abilities; Perfection
"Sweeping that Beer Pong tournament was practically phelpsian."
by lizflam August 16, 2008
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