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The ASCII helicopter that brings joy and god laughs to children everywhere.
The Rofl Copter visited me yesterday and I laughed so hard I rofl'd
by Springloaded June 06, 2004
To make a peice of art on the computer, or to transform a hand drawn peice into computer done one.

Computer Graphic(ing)
I CGed a sketch I did last night
by Springloaded November 05, 2003
An anime roleplaying community
Has forums, art galleries and shops.

Intereactive message board; gaiaonline.com
I spent all my money on gaia so I could get cool items :(
by Springloaded June 06, 2004
The act of mashing your hands against a computer keyboard when you are so angry or confused you can't type anything coherent.
1. "I made Johnny so angry last night he computer mashed me."
"Like how?"
"I said 'Hey' and he was all 'SJHDFHJSjdfjh'"
by Springloaded April 08, 2006
Quite frankly, the bathroom. In a store, you you were peeing, you'd be making the noise "piddly diddly piddly diddly" in your favourite department.
"Excuse me, I must go to the Piddly Diddle Department to rid my bladder of its toxins"
by SpringLoaded July 13, 2003
From the Tom Green song "Pet names for Genitalia"

A penis.
I refer to my wang as a Pork Stick because I'm hungry.
by Springloaded June 06, 2004
A cross between a punk, a goth, and a gangster.
Typically someone who draws on their face with eyeliner, and wears spiked bracelettes, but doesn't listen to goth or punk music at all,
they listen to 50 cent.
Diana loves 50 cent, but cuts herself and wears eyeliner tears.
by Springloaded August 18, 2005
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