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Californiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! !
Californiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! !
by ELyse October 30, 2004
An Indie Rock band who is very talented.
Everyone who found out about Phantom Planet because of the LAME OC should die.
by kindajung May 11, 2005
they're "the best fucking band in the world!"
"The Snake"
"Eve don't go with Adam, go with me..."
by Kaleigh July 29, 2005
A quality band with two good cds. They are not "The band that plays the OC theme song".
"I'm going to see Phantom Planet."
"You mean the band that played Big Brat?"
by The OC is gay April 19, 2005
The band that which the theme to the show The O.C. would not exist. Phantom planet began all the way back in 1994 nearly fifteen years together the band successfully released over four records and countless rarities and b-sides. They played where they began and ended at the Troubadour in california. they have made appearances in The bad news bears appearing as the blood farts, and in the v show american dreams as the band the zombies.
Members are of 2008 and till the end
Alexander Greenwald / vocals and guitar
Jeff Conrad/ Percussion
Sam Farrar/ Bassist and vocals
Darren michael Robinson/ Lead Guitar and vocals

Former member
jason Schwartzman/ percussion

As of December of 2008 The band has been in hiatus and has released their latest video dropped with eric warheim of tim and eric awesome show great job!

"Phantom Planet is the reason you still want play some air guitar at the beach in California"
Phantom planet are a progressive rock group from California with whom in some ways can be related to Rooney.
by Kurt Matthew Gabriel Santana January 29, 2009
the greatest band in the world
writers of the theme song to the OC, California among other great songs
check out the latest phantom planet cd... THEY ROCK
by one ray of sunlight February 09, 2004
A band. They wear converse and sing about california.
We've been on the run, driving in the sun. We are looking for the #1
by TheOblideration July 06, 2004
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