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One crazy, evil, bad-ass individual. Someone with twisted and quick intelligence, who looks down on the world without even bothering to let them know it. One scary, well thought out, elitist mofo....
n the movie "The Omen", Damien Thorne's last name would have been more realistic, had it been "Petzold".
by Reinhardtz February 05, 2010
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A workaholic who carries nothing smaller than a twenty in his wallet.
That petzold has so much money and he just throws it away
by JV4LIFE September 30, 2003
Commonly refered to as the gay kid. A workaholic in his mid-teens who is known to give his money away to others, in hopes that they will become his friends.
That Petzold gave John 50 dollars and took him to a concert so he would become his friend.
Kevein Petzold is gay.
by JV4LIFE September 30, 2003

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