4 definitions by JV4LIFE

The combination of the words ass and cheap. Something that is as cheap as an ass (very cheap).
Man, yous rhymes is asscheap nigga.
That tripe ass bitch was asscheap.
by JV4LIFE September 30, 2003
A workaholic who carries nothing smaller than a twenty in his wallet.
That petzold has so much money and he just throws it away
by JV4LIFE September 30, 2003
Commonly refered to as the gay kid. A workaholic in his mid-teens who is known to give his money away to others, in hopes that they will become his friends.
That Petzold gave John 50 dollars and took him to a concert so he would become his friend.
Kevein Petzold is gay.
by JV4LIFE September 30, 2003
To dominate someone so badly, even though you are an old, overweight, bearded man.
We mervalized those nigs like it was 1863.
Oliver mervalized Koenigs arsehole.
by JV4LIFE September 26, 2003

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