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A gaseous, noxious expulsion from the anal passage; usually resulting in a toxic odour commonly used to dissolve plastic and wither souls. Can cause aggressive outbursts. From the French word 'Peter'
Corr blimey someones just let rip a peto.

Has someone just peto'd in here? I think my soul is withering.

I'm going to have to make my excuses and leave, I can feel a peto coming on.
by Spoontastic January 08, 2010
To lie about getting further with a girl than you actually did. Occurs when one leads on their friends when it comes to doing acts, mostly of the sexual nature, with a female.
Please tell me you are petoing because that girl definitely had herpes.
by pcbtwentyten March 14, 2010
pronounced PEE-toh; plural "petoes"; adjective "petoish"
A peto is a male who has several characteristics, including:
-Pale skin
-Chubby, stubby hands with wide fingers, sort of like Italian hands
-Most have blond hair, usually greasy
-Average height; nothing above 6 ft.
-Chubby face, although they may not have a chubby body
-Work in construction/work with cars, or seem like they would probably work in construction/work with cars
He's cute, but I don't like petoes.
by KingMePlease January 05, 2012
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