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A condition under which the sufferer's brain physically aches. The brain shuts down normal functions and refuses to work with you to achieve anything.

Leads to confusion, inertia, drowsiness, blank staring, unresponsiveness, nonsensical gibberings, numbness of the senses, difficulty in forming or grasping simple thoughts and concepts and immobilisation of the body.

Commonly a result of overindulgence in intoxicants of various forms, lack of sleep and/or workaholism.

Person one: Heya, how're you today?

Sufferer: uhhhhh

Person one: Whats up? Are you ok?

Sufferer: uhhh errrr brainache... meh
by Spoontastic January 08, 2010
A gaseous, noxious expulsion from the anal passage; usually resulting in a toxic odour commonly used to dissolve plastic and wither souls. Can cause aggressive outbursts. From the French word 'Peter'
Corr blimey someones just let rip a peto.

Has someone just peto'd in here? I think my soul is withering.

I'm going to have to make my excuses and leave, I can feel a peto coming on.
by Spoontastic January 08, 2010
An Available Hole (noun) will 'put out' indiscriminately. Male or Female, they tend to be morally bereft and devoid of substantive thought.

They will make themselves available to all of his/her friends, all of your friends, your friends' friends, passing strangers, the butcher, the baker, and particularly the candlestick maker and generally anybody who is in need of an 'available hole' for sexual encounters lacking in any sense of lasting satisfaction and ultimately cumulating in notions of being an vapid and debased soul.

An Available Hole will usually be a carrier of various STIs/STDs and will waste no opportunity to smear these across the face of society and infect the general populous with their pestilence. They will frequently use their powers of manipulation to engineer situations whereby they may garner attention, breach trusts, disregard others, break friendships, test relationships, spread disease and corrupt the minds of innocents.

Not really someone to take to 'meet your parents' or to openly admit to engaging in acts of promiscuity with, to either close friends, acquaintances or colleagues.

Also known, amongst various others, as the 'town bike', 'town crotch', 'unpaid whore'
A: Hey man, ya know that Salli? She's a right goer, had her last night..

B: Yeh man, had her last week... That makes us weiner cousins!

C: Salli? Shit, she left me with a bad case of the clap coupla months back. Fuck man, she's been ridden by every Tom, Dick and Harry in town. That makes us all weiner cousins

A: Ik. Think I may have to go get myself checked out didn't realise she was such an Available Hole. Meh.
by Spoontastic January 10, 2010
Being 'connected' refers to people who are in touch with their surroundings, a sense of true self, and have a deep, instinctual empathy for fellow human beings. They are often perceived as 'odd' or eccentric by others but are extremely intelligent and often misunderstood and underestimated.

'Connected' people will frequently feel deep sadness, crippling frustration, an un-expressable rage and/or proactive rebellion when presented with the un-justices of the world, prejudice, discrimination, fickle bullshit, and the cruelties and atrocities committed by their fellow human beings.

Some people believe that everyone is potentially 'connected', depending on whether they open their minds to their capacity to connect to themselves, fellow humans and the world around them; whilst others will maintain that tests have shown only 2% of the worlds population demonstrate the associated qualities and characteristics of someone who is 'connected' and is a result of genetic trends and programming.

Many 'connected' people have been burdened with the term 'gifted and talented', whilst this term identifies their inquisitive minds and ability to learn, it can act to segregate someone from their peers, and encourage them to develop a sense of social awkwardness, perceived aloofness and/ or extreme bouts of arrogance.
They're not odd, they're just connected.
by Spoontastic January 08, 2010

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