Every one is obsessed with him. Hes not popular. Hes not hot, though some people think he is. Girls harass him constantly and will never stop. Hes funny. Hes weird. He has broad shoulders. He is kind of tall. Evry one loves Peter. Hes spazzy.
oh that guy fell down 4 staircases. he is such a peter.
by xxxxxxxmeowxxxxxxxx February 11, 2010
A complete hottie who all girls want to fuck. He has the largest cock. All the girls want him in bed with them.
Peter is so hot, and he's amazing in bed too!
by I AM VISA April 17, 2010
Sarcastic, Funny, Observant, Sexy, Interesting, Horrible At Texting, Doesn't Have the Greatest Taste In Baseball Or Football Teams, Knows How To Make You Smile
Man I Wish I Could Be Like Peter!
by Redsoxfan! September 13, 2010
The best friend ever. Hes so funny. I love him. Everyone loves him. He's the best. He can be annoying. But still is awesome.
Hey do you like Peter?
I love him!
Doesn't everyone??
by petersgirlfriend November 18, 2010
Peter, usually called Petey, is a great kisser and the hot and sexy alpha male that every guy wants to be and every girl wants to be with. He has amazing abs and eyes no matter what color. Petey is the only thing girls talk about. He's not into girls who are fake, wear to much make-up and girls who dress like sluts. He love girls who are true to themselves and to others and when they stand up for themselves. He feels bad when he sees a girl cry. Peteys tend to follow they crowd and likes to show off. He will also act fake and ignore you in front of his friends just to stay cool, but if you get Petey alone his true colors will show and he's the sweetest guy ever. Petey is very humorous and has no common sense. Although he acts dumb he's really not, he can be smart if he sets his mind to it.
If you like a Peter called Petey he'll most likely pick his friends over a girl so good luck with that
by haterzrmymotavaterz August 18, 2011
A blue-eyed and dimpled crazed sex machine that knows how to please his girl...also a stand-up father.
by Peter's Girl August 24, 2008
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