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The name Peter or Pete comes from the greek word for rock.
In latin the name Petra also mens rock.
People called Peter are both strong and brave, to attack them is foolish as a Peter is more than a match for most others.

Pete is the short version, he also is a rock, those who go by the name Pete are always noble, honest, funny and have a primal sence of justace. Pete is "A man of Honor" and will fight when needs be. He will never hit a woman and is good looking.

Peter will pretend to be silly and stupid for his own reasons. He will try to avoid emotions such as love as he thinks they make people weak and easy to break. This anoys many females who are attracted to him.
Peter will say odd things at times such as:

"And ye shall know the truth...And the truth shall set you free"
"even a man who is pure in heartand says his prays by night, may become a wolf when the wolfsbane blooms, and the autum moon is bright"
This is not to be confused with insanity as Peter is a wize man.
Random chav: you dumb blood
Peter: nope, i'm B+
by artofstealth February 17, 2013
9 5
Peter is a big faggot
by Idek what's a pseudonym November 02, 2013
2 5
A one of a kind dude. Peter throws parties all the time, and they're always the best. Everybody likes this guy. But right when you want to bring him into your circle of friends, he does something terrible, and you dont ever want to speak to him ever again.
Bro 2: Duuuuuuude. I know, his parties are rockin.

(Next Week)

Bro 2: Duuuuuuude. What an idiot.
by FrickenRocken May 11, 2011
14 17
one of those people who drink tea & hold up their pinky & talk with an English accent
Wow Peter has a really great accent
by dgriggs March 10, 2013
2 6
Verb: To automatically friend zone yourself. Usually via gestures of helping a prospective female with help for exams or classwork.
Man: Hey look at that guy hitting on that girl!

Man #2: He'll probably Peter that situation up.
by chobani October 07, 2010
17 22
A Peter is a guy who you think is perfect, sweet and charming at first but on the inside he is very insecure but never lets anybody know. He has serious issues with himself and tends to take it out on girls. Has little or no true friends, mostly because he judges everyone and doesn't let anybody close. Tends to overreact and judge. Should go see a therapist. Thinks he is better than everyone and is never wrong. However, once he gets through all the issues he will be truly amazing and you will be one lucky girl.. Be careful with a Peter, hes not your typical guy and you could end up getting hurt or being the happiest person alive. If you had a relationship with a Peter which ended badly you'll think about him forever. He is a truly unforgettable guy in a good and bad way. Learn from him
Peter.. Weird
by HaLane August 04, 2011
30 36
The biggest freak known to man that copies everyone especially cool and original people.
Peter copied superfreak and "changed" it to super-freak.
by lilscrpappy June 04, 2011
6 14
Theres that kid Peter is called tumes.
by katey fz October 11, 2011
2 11