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The extra material on trousers etc, making it look as if your penis is sticking out.

"Dude, is that your nob?" "No, it's my pernis."
by Alf & Benj April 22, 2008
The redneck way of saying "penis"
Redneck 1: Shoot, you know what I gots from that there store of mine? I gots me a pernis in one o' dem fancy boxes.

Redneck 2: no darn way, can i borrow that there fancy pernis? Mines done broke.
by Slang-O- October 21, 2010
a girl with an ass sculpted by the gods
Nick: Did you see that girls ass???
Luke: Yeah she must be a Perni!!!
by bigredandcasilinda December 11, 2010
a high-quality top notch penis of coarse
man cody has suck a big pernis
by gnrredneck August 30, 2003
a nerds penis
im a nerd, so im cool cuz i spell things wrong, did i mention im a homo?
by COCk June 10, 2003
A sexual desire to mate with a goldfish
Dude why are you staring at that fish so intently? Do you have pernis?
by hotchicknumberone November 20, 2010
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