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a ghettoized dance with a song that repeats "its time for the perkulator"
Hey yall! there playing the perkulator! *dances*
by dana June 12, 2004
A person who dedicates their spare time finding 80 y/o women with saggy breasts. Once they have their subject, they attempt to perk their breasts. In doing so, the women die due to a bubble in the subjects' blood.
Did you hear Perkulator struck again last night?
by ouston February 09, 2015
A person who finds certain attributes about people, only noticed after a certain period of time.
1. One perkulator told the other person that the girl's finger twitches when she talks.
2. Constant use of repetitive word or phrase. e.g. Bro whats good?
by popeyes/pooner77 March 02, 2011
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