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Pronounced (Purk-in's)

A light snack or something similar, usually used within and around marijuana smokes, where hunger begins to build, but it isn't yet munchies.
"I'm well up for some perkins"


"This chocalate bar is the perfect perkins!"
by Twigz December 14, 2005
40 40
Perkins is the name given for a Mack, Gigalo, Player or Pimp of extraordinary magnitude! A Perkins has control over females of all ages, races, cultures, genres, and socio-economic backgrounds.

A Perkins is not just Workin' his game...he's Perkin' his game! He's internationally known, nationally recognized, and locally accepted!
Guy 1: A Gigalo can get all the rich bitches to pay for it. A Player can get all the young bitches to beg for it. A Mack has control over FINE bitches of various backgrounds. A Pimp turns bitches into Ho's for dough.

Guy 2: Yeah, but I know a guy who can do all of that at the drop of a hat! He's a true Perkins!!!
by Knowledge Doctor May 25, 2008
704 96
drunk to the point of rowdiness.
bitch I will break your nose-and I'm perkin!
by BigBossMike May 12, 2004
238 72
The condidion of being drunk on alcohol
Thizzin is high, and perkin is drunk.
by Beans-n-Fixins August 02, 2007
98 32
To take a shot of jizz in the eye while expecting it in the mouth.
She took that perkins like a trooper but it did cause pink eye.
by Robert Aldridge December 09, 2006
157 96
perkin' is drunk like thizzin' is high
Man, that guy is perkin' balls.
by cyberakuma13 November 04, 2006
46 31
a lovely family resturaunt.
yo, where you want some brunch, tamika?
shanaynay c'mon gurl, youz know i love dat perkinsz!
by brittany June 17, 2006
75 64
Loud declaration made after passing wind, whether a loud and proud or silent but deadly.
My butt: pppfffffffttthrrthhhppp-ppp.pp.p
Me: Perkins!
You: (holding nose): Ew bitch! That's nasty!
by buzzball July 08, 2011
15 15