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1. so-so, kind of, a little bit.
2. one who can't handle their alcohol/weed
1. That party was lightweight tight
2. Look at that lightweight, puking after two cups!
by BigBossMike December 04, 2004
1) a substantial amount of money (n)
2) the condition of being rich
3) to fight
1) man I got some serious bank in my wallet
2) of course that fool drives that BMW he's banked
3) I banked on some sucker and took his wallet
by BigBossMike May 12, 2004
drunk to the point of rowdiness.
bitch I will break your nose-and I'm perkin!
by BigBossMike May 12, 2004
to initiate a fight. to throw the first punch.
if that bitch keeps talking shit you better take off on his ass.
by BigBossMike May 12, 2004
to be high on marijuana
look at that man's eyes. boy is tacked like no other!
by BigBossMike May 12, 2004
a promiscuous girl that will perform sexual favors without any inhibitions.
Damn! That quickdome went 8 times crazy last night!
by BigBossMike April 28, 2004
empty pockets. often used in the act of punking or robbing someone.
bitch show me your bunny ears! I know you got some money sucka!
by BigBossMike May 12, 2004
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