Pronounced (Purk-in's)

A light snack or something similar, usually used within and around marijuana smokes, where hunger begins to build, but it isn't yet munchies.
"I'm well up for some perkins"


"This chocalate bar is the perfect perkins!"
by Twigz December 14, 2005
The epitome of 'shitty' . Popular in most of Canada and some of the U.S.

Originated in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Sentence Example:
''Bro, you got a toke?''
''Hahaha, fuck bro no lies I'm down to my last bong hittt, but I guess we can share it...?''
''Ooooooohhhhhhh, Perkinnnnnnnssssss Brroooooooo''
Sentence Example: PERKINS

''Bro, you got a toke?''
''Hahaha, fuck bro no lies I'm down to my last bong hittt, but I guess we can share it...?''
''Ooooooohhhhhhh, Perkinnnnnnnssssss Brroooooooo''
by Sir Smokes-A-Lot October 20, 2013
A Rare breed of creature native only to the southwest of england.
The perkins lives purely off a cheap brand of cider known as devon village.
it suffers from severe mood swing's switching daily from jolly dancing perkins to the Dreaded grumpy perkins!
parent: come on kids lets go perkins hunting
child 1: YAY ill bring the cider
child 2: and ill bring the pitch fork's
by MarkProuse November 17, 2009
After being seriously injured via stab, battery, car accident, or even gunshot wound an injured victim will swallow a combo of a Pecocet and a King Cobra (or any other type of malt liquoir) to relieve the pain / stress of the situation. This is also known as "urban morphine".

Many South Los Angeles ER staffs / 911 operators will receive information from a victim or one of their friends notifying them that they gave the patient perkinsed before they are treated. Unfortunately this is not recommended at all because the victims will become completely unresponsive.

"Don't worry about me, I will perkins this after the fight"

"After Sarah got shot, we perkinsed her so she wouldn't scream."
by LosAngelesERdoctor March 23, 2009
Derivative: Per(Each) - Kin(Family) - Meaning someone who has sex with as many family members as possible with the intention of inbreeding. These people have no sexual preference and will have sex with males and females alike. All members of family are acceptable, such as brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and even cousins. Usually from Bay Area California or West Virginia .
That inbred family sure are fans of the Perkins.
by wvboy September 17, 2006
holdin bac, not doing anything wit the oppisite sex
damn dat female be Perkin
by Amber March 13, 2005
ta be shy;afraid ta tlk to da opposite dat u mite lik n wanna chill wid
This boii wanna go wid u but he jus perkin ta tlk ta ya.
by Babii Ghetto September 30, 2006

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