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Guy that probably has roughly half the IQ of an oral surgeon, but likes to refer to him/herself as a 'surgeon' anyway..

Dentist that's still trying to nail the English language at the 5th grade level.

Gum gardeners...
Periodontists and douches are interchangable in the real world,

while it is insensitive to call an actual useful feminine product a periodontist (as most periodontist will probably never enter a woman multiple times in their lifetime, and women would indeed object to have a periodontist inserted willingly, if for namesake only), quite a few periodontist acknowledge their non-certified secondary title of ..'douche' and try ever so hard on a daily basis to keep the honor.
by EndoIce September 21, 2010
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A foreign trained dentist who goes to extra schooling to learn how to be a better hygienist. Usually so worried about the tissue around the teeth, it takes them 3 hours to non-lethally subluxate a tooth, 1 hour to actually remove the tooth, and 1 hour to suture.
I should have gone to the oral surgeon because that ass tard periodontist took 5 hours to remove the tooth. What is interesting is that he gowned up, put on booties, a surgical cap, and when he came into the room I thought I was going to have neurosurgery.
by drtank March 24, 2011
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