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When a combination of events causes an amazing, unforgettable night.
Ben: "Dude, 30's of Busch were on sale, so we got two!"
Josh: "I just met some thoroughbred dime-pieces outside, and they wanna party with us tonight!"
Noah: "There's no cover charge at the bar tonight!"

Tim: "...It's the perfect storm."
by Beave876 October 11, 2010
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When three events, usually beyond one's control, converge and create a large inconvenience for an individual. Each event represents one of the storms that collided on the Andrea Gail in the book/movie titled the perfect storm.
I had planned to go out tonight with my friends but then the perfect storm hit and now I can't do anything, my boss wanted me to work late, my girlfriend told me "we needed to talk", and my car won't start.
by TRex August 21, 2004
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A "Perfect Storm" occurs during intercourse, when an individual pisses on his or her partner, farts in their face, then slaps them so hard that they see stars. The piss represents the the rain, the fart represents thunder, and the stars they see represent lightning. Thus creating a "perfect storm".

angry dragon rusty trombone golden shower sex anal piss slap
I was mad at my girlfriend last night, so during sex I gave her a "Perfect Storm".

angry dragon rusty trombone golden shower sex anal piss slap
by GlApp Money Shot March 29, 2009
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When, while puking from intoxication, you lose control of your bodily functions and end up peeing and shitting yourself while you continue to puke your guts out. Every primary orifice is accounted for (crying is optional).
Man, last night Dave was puking when I realized he was shitting himself and pissing his pants at the SAME TIME. It was a perfect storm.
by darkdaven November 26, 2007
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a cyclical and longlasting force of nature where a combination of AD and IP produces an irrestible force that creates unbridled degrees of fun, love, and sexual passion.
When mama and big daddy got together it was like the perfect storm.
by Paul Pubiere February 05, 2010
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This happens when you're banging a real fatty. As you watch the rippling effects of her rolls with each thrust, the feeling of being drenched, off balance, out of control, and in danger, give you the sense of being George Clooney's character during The Perfect Storm. Also known as Surfing.
Last night, I had a nightmare being trapped with Star Jones in a perfect storm.
by June 07, 2005
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when you have to take a fatty crap. most likely includes explosive diarrhea and erupts loudly (and sometimes with liquid) into the toilet. check for splatter.
Damn. We better go by your house. I have to take a perfect storm before we hit the clubs.
by chonte April 17, 2004
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