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a guy or girl that has everything going for them and seemingly no flaws
my new boyfriend is so thoroughbred. i think hes a keeper.
by Jasmine K. July 29, 2005
A person who is real about there's no faking fronting, or hating. Educated, but humble in their success. Come from a good family, who instilled good morals within them. Overall try to live right, and do right.
by Oneofthe17 August 20, 2010
The name given to the stable of big, horsefaced girls from New City.
"Did you guys hear some galloping in the distance? Aw shit! Who invited the thoroughbreds?!"
by Benny April 20, 2004
A broad that can ride you like a horse
That fucking broad is a goddamn thoroughbred
by Joe B Ruthless October 18, 2003
Would never throw up from any amount of marijuana or alcohol, cry, be a bitch, back down, let sombody take manhood, etc.
Opposite of a bitch
As a thoroughbred, I'd smack a hoe or kill a muthafucka if I had to, but I will also go back and fuck the hoe later (with consent)
by dylan with the big dick January 13, 2006
Thoroughly trained or educated negro; may vary in skin tone(mostly DARK)
Yo that black kid is fast as hell. He must be a thoroughbred."
by Cheddie June 28, 2005
A gay man who has never had sexual relations with a woman. See Navratilova
Its funny that Max flouts the fact he is a thoroughbred because he is always surrounded by fag hags.
by Superdudester May 11, 2006
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