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An important source of aluminum, necessary for the normal development of Alzheimer's, in the ever less elderly.
Not too worried about formaldehyde, mercury and aluminum, Eduardo got a flu shot, to gain a very small chance of avoiding a trivial, transient illness.
by wordschmidt March 04, 2011
A liquid food substitute, usually made from genetically modified soy beans -- soy beans grown on dirt, and contaminated with pesticides, herbicides and usually hexane. Massive amounts of sugar are added, so it doesn't cause gagging. We know sugar is healthy, because it has a lot of carbon, and humans are, after all, carbon based life forms.

Soy milk causes estrogen overload, reduces ability to digest protein, blocks uptake of minerals, and has many other health benefits.
Soy milk has got to be healthier than anything from an animal. Yum!!
by wordschmidt January 26, 2011
A term, unfortunately still in use, which denotes any effect having causes. It is not old enough to be regarded as archaic, but unquestionably is worn out.
Unable to have an original thought, due to having ignored 12 years of free public education, he described one of the events of his life as, "A perfect storm." That, of course, really wasn't a description, but everyone listening thought it was.
by wordschmidt February 02, 2011

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