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The perfect woman is a woman who is beautiful inside and out who is willing to listen and be listened too, and she should always be respected by whoever is lucky enough to be with her.
The is no real example of a perfect woman it is only what you believe
by supperlordddifann July 20, 2011
Term used to describe the ultimate, and perfect act of female kindness to a man with morning blue balls.

The woman is often asleep or barely waking when the man stands beside the bed with her head turned towards him, his waist at her face, and alternates between masterbating and force feeding his cock to the female, leading to an eventual ejaculation into her mouth as she quickly finishes him, swallows and turns to go back to bed, allowing you to go back to bed (or to work etc.)
This morning she gave me a perfect woman
by Braynes December 27, 2009
Creature, much like Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, Sasquatch and the Good Nigger- often spoken of, but one has never actually been seen by a reputable witness.
I met the perfect woman last night, just before I sailed my yacht back to my mansion.....yeah...that's the ticket!
by Malcolm X-crement January 05, 2004
3-foot tall, no teeth, DD's and a flat head to set your beer on.
God, that midget circus freak would make the perfect woman.
by slingblade January 03, 2004
Mythical creature: slim, sexy, beautiful, tanned, woman. She should be able to cook, clean & iron. She should be thoughtful as in give me head while I eat my breakfast OR skin up before sex so I can lay back and smoke a spliff while the cum runs down her face.
guy: I met a perfect woman last night
mate: bollocks!
by G August 04, 2003
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