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the result of a male nutting on the chin of another person's face
I gave Susie a massive chin omelette last night while she sucked my cock.
by slingblade January 21, 2003
v. to enable one with ill-intentions.
Mike has really got to stop fluffing the Devil or the jackass VP's multi-channel, deep dive initiative will only get worse for us.
by Slingblade October 23, 2013
One who subtly inserts religious themes in a business metting in an effort to gain unearned trust or respect. Often you will see this behavior in those who end their message with "Have a blessed day."
Enough with Terence being a Gratuitous Jesus Dropper. He proudly proclaimed he would "get to the bottom of the unethical and inappropriate actions of his team" before stating he "had to leave the meeting early to teach his child's CCD class". We know he has no intention of unearthing the violations of his team members, but subconsciously suggested he will do the right thing as a "Man of God."
by Slingblade August 28, 2014
short for "I'd do that all night long"

Hey, see that piece of ass down there? IDT,ANL
by slingblade January 21, 2003
explosive diarrhea that fucking burns yo bughole so bad you need a cold washcloth to clean up yo ass sometimes leaves shit stars
god damn that red ass chili from batemans gived me a mean case of fire pudding. go get me some ice cream
by slingblade November 29, 2003
3-foot tall, no teeth, DD's and a flat head to set your beer on.
God, that midget circus freak would make the perfect woman.
by slingblade January 03, 2004

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