1.Britney Spears Beverage.
2.Homer Simpson's little brother from the Big Brother agency.
Ba,ba, baba bum. ba,ba, baba bum. The Joy of Pepsi, blah, blah, blah...
by G-Union May 19, 2003
The best drink ever better than coca cola. Cocaine is the only reason why there's so much Coca Cola addicts.
1 = "Wow. This is the best thing I ever drank in my life! What is it"
2 = I dont know! But its defenitly not Coca Cola!!!
by KittyEatPills November 22, 2004
Pay Every Peny to Save Israel
by al-muslim October 01, 2003
the exact same recipy as coke but pepsi watterrs theirs down

btw all this coke-pepsi wars on the internet is stooped they both suck salted monkey balls
Guy:can I get a pepsi
Dude: sory all i have is coke
Guy: thats ok just watter it down
by Darryl Featherstone September 01, 2005
The new word for "Lol"
Guy 18: I ate a bucket of paint.
Guy 1: Lol!
Guy 18: Pepsi is the new word for Lol!
Guy 1: Okay, Pepsi!

(Guy 18 dies)

Guy 1: Pepsi.
by Allegra and Tracy May 08, 2005
Me and my friends refer to pepsi as when it the time of the month (peirod)
I hate haveing pepsi.
by Erica February 23, 2005
1) The source of all evil
2) Watered-down Coke-flavored lube

Note that Coke is better than Pepsi, and that the only way one could get the flavor of Pepsi would be to water down Coke-flavored lube and bottle it.
1) OH SHIT, I had to buy a Pepsi and now my life is cursed by the carbonated drink gods!!
2) Ugh, this Coke imitation drink tastes like lube!
by Kisaki Kattakuzai January 02, 2008
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