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32 definitions by milo

an evil underground network of overprotective 30-40 yearolds who dirve around in s.u.v's or minie vans or volvo's who hate tv, internet and teenagers. this "mafia" of soccer momsknows everything that goes on in your town and gossips about every little thing that other peoples kids do.
soccer moms must die
by milo March 09, 2004
442 74
chocolate powder that you put in milk in australia
you gotta be made of Milo
by milo June 16, 2003
305 142
A massive vagina
like feeding a tic-tac to a whale
by Milo October 14, 2003
189 60
What you watch late at night when your twelve and have no access to real porn, all thanks to Wild On with Brooke Burke.
mmmmm, Brooke Burke
by Milo December 30, 2003
157 44
Term used to describe sportbikes., which are street bikes derived from race-bike technology. Often used in a derogatory manner.
I'd rather own a Harley than a crotchrocket.
by Milo May 23, 2003
157 63
like bugger, but used to add emphasis.
buggeration! i just stepped in dog shit!
by milo May 14, 2004
34 7
A females love juice or vaginal liquid after ejeculation.
Man: Damn woman! You got "quief juice" all over the bed!
Woman: I couldn't stop cuming.
by Milo February 28, 2005
48 26