To disappear when needed, but to have tunnel vision when trying to avoid conflict.

Especially on League of Legends.
Person M: I need a heal! where's our healer?!
Person D: DUDE, HE PEP'D US.
Person M: Dammit pep..
by h0wam1s0g0dly October 03, 2011
Post ejeculatory pee.

That bizarre sensation of urinating after ejaculation. Ranges from mildly pleasurable to mildly painful.
Person A: Man, I got some burning P.E.P.
Person B: Dude, shut the fuck up.

Man: Hmm P.E.P. can be mildly pleasurable at times.
Elf: Why am I in your bathroom?
by evilhead007 September 26, 2010
PEP is the acronym for Psychological Empowerment Process. I intend it to replace the word "placebo," which, while perhaps originally neutral, now has the connotation that there are people (patients) so dumb that they show physiological responses to a fake drug that the superior doctor knows does nothing. With PEP the skillful doctor's positive attitude empowers inherent healing processes in the patient, so the skillful doctor gives the patient PEP which is good for them, and characterizes both doctor and patient in a positive way.
My doctor was nice and friendly and I feel better already after the new PEP pills she prescribed for me.
by Galen the Younger September 15, 2010
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