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Pepe Lopex is not a poop moustache. It is when a man and woman have anal sex and there is so much poop on the man's dick he gives her a full beard.
Will and Kelly had anal sex for so long, Will's dick was covered with poo and her a full Pepe Lopez.
by Yo Ma April 20, 2005
1)The Infamous Pepe Lopez is a man renowned for his skill at employing his trademark move, normally done at the end of sex.
2)The "Pepe Lopez" is when the male is fudge plugging a girl, and when he is ready to finish, he pulls out, inserts his finger into the poo lodge, withdraws with a stinky brown film covering his thumb. He then ,lovingly , smears a mustache on his partners upper lip, oftentimes he is seen running out of the partners living quarters, nude, and being chased by a pissed, naked, woman with a fairly large mexican mustache, otherwise known as ... a Pepe Lopez.
"whoa, its Pepe Lopez, run dude, shes gonna catch you!!!"
by Pepe February 25, 2005
The crafty devil pepe lopez tequila. Gives an awesome hit but a hell dog hang over..... often said in a mexican accent!
Oh how i love the pepe lopez
by Magic Worm June 19, 2010
The Pepe Lopez is a distant cousin of the dirty sanchez. After completing the act of coitus, the man wipes the tip of his penis on his partners upper lip, leaving a white glazed moustache that resembles Pepe Lopez.

Other entries which purport to be Pepe Lopez but involve poo are actually dirty sanchez's.
Come here baby, I want you to meet Pepe Lopez.
by subneural April 23, 2006
to shit on the upper lip of your partner forming a moustache.
"i was tired of her bare face so i gave her a pepe lopez"
by scott bowen February 17, 2005