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Ok yeah, so we have attitude, bad roads, and a lot of hicks. But we have fun. Have you ever been to a field party in western pa? You're missing out. We appriciate our surroundings and make the best of what we have. Oh and we could beat any other states ass. We are tough haha, I love our attitude =)
Pennsylvania may seem lame to those who don't live here or don't know how to party but we always make sure to have a damn good time!
by saambaam September 28, 2007
1. A state where coning is cool. (Coning: i.e. Stealing a highway cone, and placing it on someone's house roof.)
2. A state where the local fundraiser is cow plops.
3. A state where cow-tipping is a considered punishable to the full extent of the law.
4. A state that is home to one of the greatest marching bands EVER!
5. A state in the United States that has no clue why it keeps losing it's populations (They should check the property taxes)!
6. Where I currently reside.
Pennsylvania.. It's not grey, unless there is a cold front moving through.

Pennsylvania.. We may not have doctors, but we sure do have a hell of a lot of trees.

Pennsylvania.. The Amish Paradise.

Pennsylvania.. Home of Astronaut, Paul Richards.
by Lec February 27, 2004
its not a state, its a common wealth
driver: i was just passing through state of pennsylvania
officer: hold on there. its not a state, its a common wealth
by araebisu April 18, 2006
Hot summers, cold winters, Cheesteaks (not philly cheesesteaks you non-Pennsyvanian fucks. Yeah the roads are shitty, it's boring to drive to. But hey the beach is an hour away, the mountains are an hour away, Philly is a dump, especially west and north, looks like a bomb fuckin hit it. I live in the east and I'm no snobby fucker like these people say. But I guess PA is filled with a lot of assholes, the South East especially, but I haven't really been to western PA. State College is cool and so is Centralia (there is a mine fire burning underground and you can see smoke and steam vent from breaks in the ground, good daytrip. oh and another thing, people around here say wooder or as you assholes call it "water" damn sounds gay said like that. Home of Rolling Rock, Yuengling, Hershey's, Heinz, Herr's, cheesesteaks, pretzels, bars on every corner, lots of NRA members, Upper Darby High School (my alma mater with a whooping 3,900 fucks roaming around it right now). I think wiggers spread here from New York? Maybe Jersey.
Let's get a case of beer and go watch the Flyers down the shore with wooder ice and cheesesteaks. Can you understand that gay midwest and California?
by Cinnamon Crime Ring (CCR) May 04, 2004
Nothing has changed in Pennsylvania since the 1950s. The roads are still riddle with potholes, the politicians are still unabashadly crooked, and you still can't buy beer in the grocery store.
Pennsylvania: If your brother-in-law can't find a job in any other state, we'll employ him at the Liquor Control Board.
by BuckeyeJay March 10, 2005
Where Count Burns lives.
Mr. Burns invited us all to his mansion in.. PENNSYLVANIA.....
by baaaaaaam December 08, 2010
A beautiful State that feels more like three; Where everyone who doesn't live in the North West forgets we have beaches, from Ohio to New York. The birth place of Liberty (Philadelphia), and one time housing the highest concentration of wealthy people in the world (Pittsburgh). No region is like the other...over abundance of fresh food, alcohol, easy women, and illogical taxes. Come see it while you can before Gov. Corbett sells it all off to private interests.
Who does America have to thank for it's freedom, Pennsylvania.
by V Dan January 25, 2013