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Likes the dong
Your a real penis monkey, that is to say you like the dong
by Main December 11, 2003
A magical monkey-like creature that sits on your pubic hair.
"Marcus says he has 7 penis monkeys."
"Well then he must have A LOT of pubic hair to hold them up"
by Penismonkey2000 June 28, 2012
a penismonkey is a monkey with a huge penis. that isnt a monkeys penis.
Retarded kid 1:hey look at that penis monkey!

Retarded kid 2: good look finding a jockstrap for that!
by fag January 20, 2005
(a) Hard to define, the word stems from the original idea that John Bauman is the one and only important person in the entire world. The word can be used in pretty much any situation for any reason...however, everytime someone uses the word, it does nothing but reflect on the true nature that John Bauman is untouchable.

(b) A hit song by John Bauman.

(c) The penis on a monkey.
John: Mark, what are you doing today?
Mark: I don't know.
John: Clyde's sucks.
Mark: I know. Jackie is a cocktease.
John: The queen. <shaking head>
Mark: *cough...cough* PENIS MONKEY.
by Mark April 14, 2005

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