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The opening found on men's pajams, often accessorized with a button.
Guy: "I hate when my penis pocket opens when I am standing in front my mom."

by Lexi Naudziunas July 10, 2008
A girl that puts getting laid with random dudes that she has just met ahead of her existing friendships with other girls, i.e., one who does not understand chicks before dicks.
Sharath is a pretty girl, but whenever she is around bros she is totally a penis pocket.
by Camelhammock May 31, 2011
The skin that covers an uncircumcised penis.
Did you know my boyfriend has a penis pocket?
by Austin Powers January 17, 2015
a place in which a man places his penis. most often a vagina.
the penis pocket on any fat women will never be used by any sane man only by verious toys, dildos, fingers, and other pleasure inducing items but never a real live penis
by Brilliant Chaos December 20, 2006

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