1. A town in North-eastern Oregon. Famous for the Pendleton Round-up, the rodeo on turf. And the Let'er Buck room.

2. A tasty, tasty whiskey.
I was in Pendleton sipping some Pendleton and totally got grouped in the Let'er Buck room.
by Dubbs_A_Dilly July 22, 2008
Top Definition
A hole in the ground, where no one really wants to live, and yet somehow it is still the largest town in Eastern Oregon.
Who'd want to live in Pendleton?
by PhiDaWiDahl July 15, 2008
An older woman who wears inappropraite, stripper-like clothing in an office environment.
Look at her..she is a total Pendleton!! She may have been hot 20 years ago, but now she looks like a sun dried raisin wearing her 10 year old daughter's clothes!!!
by Niceguyswin June 15, 2010
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