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"Ambercrombie" is a term used by ugly girls who tend to shop at wal mart for their clothing but tell people that they shop at "ambercrombie" for whatever reason, be it a poor attempt at popularity, "fitting in" etc. Most have never even gone into the actual store, Abercrombie & Fitch. The girls like to tell people they shop there "all the time" becuase it gives them a false, yet partially satisfying and momentary, feeling or affluence/wealth. In actuality, when the poseur sees a girl who actually shops at A&F she becomes angry and tells the pretty girl (who shops at Abercrombie) that she is ugly, filthy rich etc. These jealous poseurs may also confuse the Abercrombie moose with the Hollister seagull, etc.
Ugly girl: OOOOH HHHHiiizz, you got dat shirt a ambercrombie, i luv dat storee!! I shopz dere all da time!
Hottie: ummm, no. I got this at hollister, hence the seagull, not the moose. and its Abercrombie, not Ambercrombie. Poseur...
Ugly girl: OH Whatevvvvez, Ure just an ugly bitch anywayzz...
by A&F November 27, 2006
♥ I like you. :3 you're the worst texter ever, but I still love talking to you, bye♥
Did you see James Pendleton?
by a&f June 26, 2012

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