A pimp who claims and has the emotions of an emo kid. Looking at him you could never tell he's emo but when you get to know him.......... He's gotta be EMO
Manny was a pimp until I heard that music blasting from his car. Now he's def. a pemo
by Manny March 10, 2005
Top Definition
Musical genre combining Pop Punk catchyness with the harder, more meaningful Emotive Rock
Bands like Third Place Victory are considered pemo. Emo music with a lively and fun edge.
by PeskiMax November 22, 2010
A emo who doesn't live up the emo sterotype.
"That loser listens to hip hop not emotional rock!"
"What a PEMO!!!"
by Zachster September 04, 2007
is a mixture of emo and urban punk!
who is not labled and really doesnt have to follow the rules of emo and punk...but just be their self!
"i hate you"
"but im pemo and i am punk and emo so...i dont like you cause your a phony! That is the truth!"
by riah81 July 27, 2008
"Pemo" is a compination of "Punk" and "Emo" Punk being a form of musical Culture, and Emo short for emotional. Emo is also a fasion style. Pemo is simply a joining of both.
Blink 182 in "Adams Song" is Pemo as in "Punk-Emo"
by Tommy (wish I was Emo) September 16, 2005
a weird combination of "preppy" and "emo". You meet someone who is waring an emo hoodie and an emo shirt but has a preppy haircut. They are commonly labeled as poseurs by real emos and labeled as weird by real preps
-Oh, what are you listening?
-Umm I was just listening As blood runs black but I fell like listening to black eyed peas now
-O_o Wow, you pemo!!
by xxcandykorexx May 27, 2007
A Persian Emo. Pemos are easily distinguished from normal persians because they wear thier turbans way tighter than normal. They are also often seen wearing women's robes, which are much tighter than men's robes. Unlike traditional emos who listen to music about cutting themselves, pemos listen to music about blowing themselves up in a mall.
Bob: What's that persian guy doing over there?

Jim: He looks like a pemo. I hope he doesn't blow us up.

Pemo: Aiyiiiyayayaiiiii!!!!

Bob: Shit he's got a bomb under his abnormally tight robes!

by FannyFondler May 17, 2007
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