A Persian Emo. Pemos are easily distinguished from normal persians because they wear thier turbans way tighter than normal. They are also often seen wearing women's robes, which are much tighter than men's robes. Unlike traditional emos who listen to music about cutting themselves, pemos listen to music about blowing themselves up in a mall.
Bob: What's that persian guy doing over there?

Jim: He looks like a pemo. I hope he doesn't blow us up.

Pemo: Aiyiiiyayayaiiiii!!!!

Bob: Shit he's got a bomb under his abnormally tight robes!

by FannyFondler May 02, 2007
Is an older Emo male who dates or tries to hit on young underaged emo girls. ie minors.

Hence Pedo+Emo = Pemo

Theory is that whereas Emo girls grow out of being Emo by the age of 18 or move onto goth or scene, however, many emo guys will continue to be Emo in their 20's or 30's. E.g, the lead singer of My Chemcial Romance is 33 years old. There's no emo girls within their age range any more so they have to date teenage emo girls.

With the rise of Myspace and Stickam where barragefuls of older guys with floppy fringes with classic emo poses in their photos look cool to younger emo girls and add them.
"That Pemo guy i added on myspace is epic hot."
by Chavslappandas November 23, 2009

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