A friend or foe. Refering to one with high ranking and/or power.
-Their's my fellow peep! -I lu bu'd that peep!
by DAMONsaysLUBUistheBOMB December 15, 2005
Used in the British childrens television program 'The Hoobs'
Used to describe an adult dweling on earth.
"I wonder what a peep does when they go to the beach?"
by Iver, Groove & Tula April 09, 2004
another word for rat or sell out
i heard that dude was a peep, always turnin folks in
by splankinberry August 11, 2003
as a verb: to spread the little candy peeps throughout someone's frat/dorm room while they're not there so they find them later.
We peeped D's room while he was out. We made a peep farm in the middle of his floor with chicken wire and that plastic Easter grass.
by dp6 May 31, 2005
those stupid ducks or bunnies you get on easter
I got some peeps rotting in my room since 1964's easter
by coca October 31, 2003
Penis; a shy way of referring to your unit, as used by Dr. Reid on the television show Scrubs. See also: pachinko.
God, would you cover up your peeps?
by Lambnesio April 09, 2007
shortern term for "Patick pearson" or the best hockey player chicago has ever seen...

peeps? used to tell everyone in the room that your thinking about pat...
Teacher: class today we will be reading chapter 7 in your text books
"joey": Peeps? motherfuckers
class: *thinking about pat*
by Kris Rickham October 16, 2006
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